Service Interval Warning Light - Reset Information

These servicing warning lights are normally reset (turned off) by the main dealer once they have finished servicing your vehicle.

If you have just serviced your vehicle yourself, or had it serviced in a local garage you may find that the 'service interval warning light' still needs to be reset to turned the light off.

This is a very simple process you can complete yourself, select your vehicle model & age from the list below and complete this easy to follow procedure. Any questions email

Ford Transit - 2000 to 2006

Turn the key to position II.

Press brake and accelerator pedal together for 15 seconds.

Service interval indicator will flash when reset complete.

Release pedals.

Switch ignition OFF.

Ford Galaxy (2.0) - 2000 

Switch ignition ON.

Press and hold button [A] for 2 seconds which will clear the service interval indicator.

Release button [A].

Switch ignition OFF.

Ford Galaxy (2.0) - 2001 to 2006 

Press and hold button [A].

Switch ignition ON.

Continue to hold button [A] until the word 'SERVICE' is ereased.

Switch ignition OFF.